Cube by Coca-Cola

29 Mar 2012 1 Com.   icoCase studies

Coca-Cola Iberia has launched in Alimentaria an innovative refrigerator for the catering industry developed by Loop-Cn. The Coca-Cola Company is one of the reference Companies regarding global image, and it represents the largest buyer of refrigerators in the world. Within this sector, TCCC defines the new lines and strategies to be followed regarding both image and implementation of new technologies,...

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    Desire and Consumption. How are purchases decided?


    5 guidelines we have when we are able to purchase products and services

    ‘Desire works like the wind. Without apparent effort. If the sails are spread, it will drag us at breakneck speed. If doors or windows are closed, it will hit for a while in search of...

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    Frigo - Cornetto Soft


    A new experience in ice cream consumption

    In my opinion, innovating in the mass consumption sector is one of the most complex challenges of this profession; there are many exogenous factors to the concept itself that may elevate or bury it. The...

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    Why do products/services/people lose their value?


    To make a management model out of innovation

    One of the most significant features of the society in which we live is its constant and rapid evolution; the concept of movement is a key concept to understand companies that make a management model...

The enterprise mysticism of Silicon Valley

29 Nov 2011 5 Com.   icoBusiness Models

At the end of the 60′s, a movement started to look India as a humanity spiritual referral; motivated people wanted to give a sense to their existence, in search of importance or simply moved by the fashion and “disillusioned of the local solutions”, travelled to India to infuse themselves with a searching atmosphere. Since thes migratory movements began, India started...

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Managing shortage

22 Nov 2011 3 Com.   icoConsum
gestiona escacez

As a result of the sudden appearance of economic recession, the over supply of products and services has settled in our markets. Companies have had to adapt their strategies quickly in order to live and compete with one another in a state of ‘crisis': shorter productive series, less real value, more reduced margins, alliances at a disadvantage with respect to the distribution, increase in logistic stocks, etc.

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The cornerstones of competitiveness

8 Aug 2011 1 Com.   icoAntoni Flores

Hello everyone, This second ‘historical’ article about Loop was published in the business supplement of ABC newspaper on Sunday, January 19th, 2003. If the previous article ‘A link takes control of the chain’ meant the digital integration of our development services, this second article ‘The cornerstones of competitiveness’ acts as the starting point of our path toward strategic consultancy, which...

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How does technology influence on people

11 Jul 2011 13 Com.   icoInnovation

In many cases we speak of technology and innovation as if they were the same thing. In a few cases we discriminate one from the other and we see technology as a consequence of the efforts made in I+D and  innovation as the puesta en valor de dicha tecnologia in value of this technology. In this case, the ceramic materials...

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I don’t consider Steve Jobs as a great innovator

24 Apr 2011 4 Com.   icoInnovation

If we conduct a survey on who is the most innovating person nowadays, many people would mention Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO. Jobs appears in his own right as a clear benchmarker of innovation. Personally, I appreciate Jobs’ work and vision and it is part of my list of benchmarkers but I do not particularly consider Jobs as a great innovator;...

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How to reposition a classic? "El Casco"

9 Apr 2011 icoCase studies
Logo el casco

There have always been cases of products that exceed the dimension they were created for and are transported to a category of icons beyond their function, simply as a result of being objects.  They are products which have become part of our lives’ imaginary and they constitute an active component of our culture. The fact that most of these products...

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Redefining a retail model: Imaginarium

10 Mar 11 icoCase studies
When we participated in the redefinition of the strategy of the well-known toy retailer Imaginarium, the first thing we did was define an opportunity ‘umbrella’ that would broaden the company’s field of action. With this purpose and after carrying out several processes of analysis of the existing knowledge of its structures (Knowledge Stock), contrasting them...

Apple: The lord and master of digital convergence

7 Mar 11 1   icoBusiness Models
In the nine-month period in 2010 during which the iPad was marketed, Apple achieved sales of more than 15 millions of items at an average price of € 600. In this month of March, Apple announces the launching of the iPad2: thinner, lighter, more powerful, faster… and with more than 65,000 specific applications ready to...

Hot Secret

4 Mar 11 icoCase studies
One of the attitudes that define retailers consists of constantly thinking about products and services which can give satisfaction and solution to their target clients’ needs. On the basis of this pattern of action, the launching cadence of new proposals is usually higher than that of products launched by companies without direct access to the...

The deeper the crisis, the greater the luxury. The hypocrisy of consumption?

28 Feb 11 2   icoConsum
In times of recession and market contraction, we are still surprised at the growing business figures published by companies under the ‘luxury’ heading. This sector has become a defensive stronghold for recession. On the basis of this, its industry endeavours to detect new niches of products and services that could expand and reinforce the category:...

When a good product can create a category

24 Feb 11 icoCase studies
There are products that emerge to satisfy a specific need but they do it with such distinction and strength that they become the origin of the creation of a new category of products worldwide. Comodynes was conceived as a make-up remover napkin developed by Dermofarm laboratories. Its function consisted of providing the facial make-up removing...

Create usage experiences within the banking branches

19 Feb 11 icoCase studies
If we have to define the four retail keys, those concepts that all the models independently look for the sector in which they operate, they would probably be: increase the traffic, elevate the average ticket, customer’s loyalty and establishing a multi-channel experience with him. Increase the traffic, as the concept indicates, consists on more people...

The thin red line

19 Feb 11 7   icoConsum
Have you ever wondered why some brands stand the test of time in a better way than others? Or… why do some brands constitute the base for a wide product diversification while others can only bear only one reference? Finally, why do some brands constitute the entrance to a wide user’s experience and retail model...

Marcilla: Mixing tradition and innovation

18 Feb 11 icoCase studies
 Sometimes, the great innovations that appear in the market, managed to set new consumption fashions that do not respond to the previously established habits nor to the consumers’ tradition but, despite their conceptual force, they managed to commercially succeed. A clear example of this, is the coffee and the triumph of the mono-doses concept. Regarding...


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